Our Video Rates

Video quotes come in all over the place, we've seen this time and time again.


How much does a video production cost?” This has to be one of the toughest questions to answer for any video production company. For us at the receiving end this question is a classic case of, “how long is a piece of string?”

The video production process is broken up into three categories: Pre-production, Production, Post production. While we work on all phases of production from shooting the principal images to the final cut of the video we have a range of clients with different needs: some clients just need a few photos, or they want raw video only, others just need editing services. However most of our clients want a short video promoting their work. So, we divided our media pricing into two categories. Specific service rates for those who just need shooting, or editing, or script writing; and video packages for clients who want to have us produce a video for their organization. Just scroll to the bottom if you want to order a video package.

Video Consultation

Up to 1 hour consultation is $100.00 but the first consultation is free.

Pre-production Rates.

Creative Process $50.00/hr

Creative Process, includes identifying the purpose of the video, defining the goals, the content management, key assets, people, elements, that are needed in the video.

Script writing $100.00/hr

Storyboarding $150.00/hr

Production Rates.

Just need raw Video? Below are our shooting rates. Price include one videographer (inquire for camera only rental rates). Prices do not include travel or multiple cameras.

30 minutes $99.00

60 minutes $169.00

90 minutes $219.00

3 hours $399.00

4 hours $479.00

Post Production Rates.

Video Processing $25.00/hr (Uploading, Optimizing, Organizing, Labeling, compiling)

Editing $100.00/hr (non-linear, montage)

Rendering $25.00/hr (exporting, delivery codecs, video conversions)

After Effect $150.00/hr (motion graphics, 3D effects, digital grading, info-graphics)

Short videos Packages

Need a video to promote your company or program. Below we’ve optimized a video budget, and put it in a single flat rate pricing scheme. Prices can very depending on the complexity of the shoot, but the packages are a typical average cost.  The package includes short video clips that accompany the main video for your website content including, short interviews, event recaps, short “explainer” interviews, ask to find out more. Prices do not include tax, travel expenses, and per diem (DSA).

3-5 minute classic video $4,250.00 (Price includes shooting, editing, music, titles)

3-5 minute premium video $5,250.00 (all of the above plus info-graphics/3D motion graphics)

7-15 minute classic video $8,500.00

7-15 minute premium video $10,500.00

BEST DEAL! Under 2 minute video $1,200.00

Need something a bit longer, more complex, bigger, better, sexier? Just ask. We don’t broadcast all our production costs.