Media Pricing

Is important, but not in the way you might think.


Finding the best rates isn’t a win.

It’s understanding where the money is spent. Not only do we list our rates so you can do cost comparisons online, but also you can understand the process behind the rates of the media producers you will be vetting to see how they prioritized the money. Not only that, we’ve written articles you can read about videography and photography rates under our “news” tab so you are well informed before you even meet with media producers whether photo or video. We prefer to be an asset to your organization before we even show up at your door.

We’ve seen video bids come in all over the place time and time again. A typical move for independent media producers is to structure their price around the organization that they are submitting a bid to. If it’s the UNDP they may charge 3 times the normal rate, if it’s a local NGO, they’ll charge half off. We all know what happens when you pay less for a product, it’s typically less quality, occasionally you get a good deal but why risk it on your company just to save a few dollars. You’d expect then, the video for the UN is 3 times better than it would have been if the cost increased so much, unfortunately that’s not true. For a video to improve based on cost, you need to see where the money is being spent. If the video Producer simply tripled their salary that won’t improve the quality of the video. If the money goes into 3D motion graphics or an original soundtrack, then those types of expenses may improve the video quality. We don’t just offer marketing strategies on the back end that maximize the impact of your video to the demographic you need to reach. We help you on the front end, providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions on hiring media producers. We don’t want you to make the mistake of not choosing us, just think of the damage that would do to your brand. How would you be able to forgive yourself?