Our Photography Rates

We can handle your photography needs.


The following photography prices are broken into five categories of our most frequent requests. If you have a need that doesn’t fit into the categories below, just ask us and we’ll be happy to work out an estimate with you. We’ve published an article on photography pricing here. Concept 81 no longer does printing. We give our clients the photo files in RAW or JPEG format depending on the clients needs.

NGO (events coverage)

2 hours (natural lighting) $295.00

½ day (natural lighting) $595.00

full day (lighting, assistant) $1,095.00

Engagement (custom request)

1 hour (your location) $200.00

2 hours (your location) $350.00

½ day (your location) $600.00

Real Estate (Photos for hotels/houses for website, and real estate marketing)

1 hour (natural lighting, color correction) $175.00

½ day (bounce flash as needed, color correction) $450.00

full day (lighting, color correction, HDR as needed) $960.00


1 hour (single person, natural background) $195.00

½ day (lighting, single background) $450.00

full day (lighting, single background) $750.00


1 hour (5-10 items) $350.00

½ day (up to 30 items) $600.00

full day (30-50 items) $1,200.00