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The five killer benefits of online video.

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1 Video is the most engaging medium for communication to your audience. Videos featuring you, your staff, whatever you want. Video gives you the opportunity to establish trust with your customers. At the end of …


Why online video is the future of marketing.

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The guardian published an article way back in January of 2014 on how 50% of businesses across the globe were already using video to get their companies a significant marketing and brand recognition advantage and …


Why optimizing video immediately improves your website visibility.

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You probably don’t think much about search optimizing your online video content because that’s our job. Less than 20% of marketers tell us they insert keywords into the filenames of the videos on their site, …


“The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being proven right or you are pleasantly surprised. “

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We’re off to screen our film at the United Nations. What a pleasant surprise! I never complain about free trips to New York all inclusive. I never thought I’d go anywhere near the United Nations Headquarters much …


The things we know best are the things we haven’t been taught.

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When the European Union wanted a new innovative film to increase awareness of sexual violence as well as options for victims of rape and gender based violence they came to us. After a few months …


Stats you should know.

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Here we have a great guest post put together by Hannah Brenzel. She’s pulled together over 30 stats detailing where video marketing is, where it’s going, and why you should take notice. Hannah, take it …