Concept 81is a boutique media production company unmatched in price, quality and customer satisfaction.


We specialize

in high quality original media projects; from your idea to a polished end result whether photo or video. Tell us your concept and we’ll bring it to fruition better than any independent media producer in your 10 mile radius. You want us to work for you. We will meet or exceed your deadline. We don’t work miracles, but if you have an appropriate budget, a need for quality media, and you can communicate to us what you want, then trust me when I say you don’t want anyone else to handle your project… unless you want to waste money, but hey, we all need tax rights offs. I get that.

We create

customized videos and photos for private and public sector organizations. Our clients include private businesses, non governmental organizations (NGOs), churches, bands, and individuals who want a customized video of an event that is important to them (concert, litigation, meeting, recital, ballet, theatre).

We innovate

the best possible way to tell your story, the easiest way to understand your programs, the sexiest way to promote your business. We have a list of satisfied clients to prove it. We can put you on that list.